Fair Hills Farmacy

What is  Fair Hills Farmacy? It is my website devoted to enjoying some of the most aromatic, nourishing and therapeutic elements God has provided through nature: plants.  Herbs and essential oils are amazing facilitators of health and wellness, and there is so much information and research at our fingertips that it can be overwhelming.  I am constantly trying to learn more with regard to historical information, traditional foods and recipes, and current scientific and medical research.  I have long been a fan and student of herbal therapies and recipes and have grown and used herbs myself and for my family for years. But when I was introduced to the exquisite, potent, pure, and what some have called “therapeutic-grade” essential oils, I was fascinated.

At Fair Hills Farmacy, I include some of my favorite herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables and how they can help the human body thrive.   I try to research and analyze some of the benefits found in the plants and foods people have consumed for thousands of years.  So without further delay, go ahead and start learning more about the incredible healing wonders of the plant world!

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