Chris ReadThe Fair Hills Farm  and Fair Hills Farmacy  journals are written by Christine Read.  She grew up riding horses, playing in the country, and visiting her grandparents’ farm in Illinois with her family every summer.  After college, she worked as a Registered Nurse on a pulmonary-medicine floor at UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.  She has been married to husband Bryan, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, for 29 years and they have 9 precious children.  She enjoys homeschooling, all the animals on Fair Hills Farm,  gardening,  landscape design, and home decorating.  She has a passion for sound nutrition, natural healthcare and sustainable farming.  She loves flowers and herbs, and hosting folks in the Fair Hills Farm guest house.  She loves the LORD GOD and her Savior Jesus Christ and the Bible which flows with wisdom and truth.  She desires to see people live in wholeness and good health, fulfilling their destinies.  She especially has a desire to see healthy moms have healthy babies and to educate and encourage mothers in nurturing their children and families.  She would like to see America advance to sound and righteous principles of living, farming, and governing.

Read Family 2012
The Read Family, December 2012. Bryan and Chris with Amanda (23), Rachel (20), Joseph (18), Abigail (16), Mary (14), David (11), Elizabeth (8), Benjamin (7) and Rebecca (3).

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