Terms of sale

To avoid misunderstandings please read our Terms of Sale and goat reservation process before you reserve a goat from Fair Hills Farm.

Bucklings {male baby goats} will only go as breeding bucks if they come from does with good production, good mammaries, etc. Otherwise they will be wethered {castrated} and be sold as pets.

To reserve a goat, you must put down half of the payment which is non refundable. We do except checks and cash as well as Zelle. We prefer the balance in cash at the time of pickup of the goat.

Price ranges.

Doelings: $300-$700

Bucklings $300-$500

Wethers and doeling pets: $100

When can you bring you baby goats home?

Dam raised kids can go to their new homes when they weigh 18 or 20 pounds, but must be 2 months of age, no earlier. We are happy to keep kids longer than 2 months, we think it’s healthy for them to get their mom’s milk longer. And we strive to raise kids as healthy as they can be so when they go to their new homes they are happy and healthy.

Our kids will be dam raised unless there is a problem such as, being rejected by mom, premature birth, etc. Because goats only have two teats, most younger does don’t produce as much as the senior does, we may bottle feed some of those kids if we are concerned they aren’t getting enough milk.

For more information email us at fairhillsfarm1@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FairHillsFarm

Thank you,

The Read Family.