Waiting On The Lord

I started to write a flowery commentary about the results of this election, but I just didn’t have the heart. The truth is, I am disappointed. Terribly. I am not discouraged, but I just have a hard time trying to understand the people of this nation. Actually, it is not understanding them that is difficult, it is seeing the tragic consequences of their choice that is hard to accept and understand. It is something akin to watching a quarterback try to throw a pass to a receiver who is triple covered – only to have it picked off and returned for a touchdown. You are left with asking the question, “Why did he DO that?” Why did he make that foolish choice? Of course, that is a poor example because that does not demonstrate a pre-meditated choice, but rather a reactionary choice. I guess voting for a person is more of a pre-meditated choice even if it could also be reactionary.

All that aside, the only thing I know to do now is seek the Lord and wait on Him – for everything. This is the charge no matter what happens in life. Always we should seek the Lord and wait on Him. I trust that the Lord heard the prayers of the small minority of people who genuinely sought His heart and will on the matter of this election. Everyone else got what they asked for. So come what may, we are at His mercy, and we humbly implore Him to help us completely seek His face, seek His direction in and for our lives and our calling, and be obedient to Him. What would He have us do now?

As for me, with God’s help, what I determine to do is take the best care of my family I possibly can. I endeavor to create the best tasting, most nourishing meals I can to feed my precious husband and children. I will seek to keep order in my household and homeschool and challenge my children to do the best of their ability at everything they put their hand to. I will make it my ambition to create the sweetest, most pleasant atmosphere in my home I possibly can – full of pleasing aromas, beautiful music and continual praises to the Lord Of Hosts – to Yahweh. I love that Name. I have found recently that when I am in a bad mood or frustrated or having difficulty that just pausing and then praising God helps to change things almost instantaneously. Lift up the Name of Jesus! He is always worthy of praise!

So, let us put our hand to the plow and push on ever harder. Let us continue to pray for this nation and for some of the congressional races not yet decided. Let us look well to the ways of our households and do what we can to further the Kingdom of God from our own homes, in our own families in the place where God has put us.

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