Bumble Foot in poultry and how to treat it.

Bumblefoot is a common fungal disease that happens to chickens, and other poultry. It can be caused by small cuts while foraging and can happen If you don’t keep the enclosures clean enough. One time i was outside feeding our chickens when I saw the rooster of the flock limping by the chicken coop, and i quickly ran to see why he was limping. At first I thought it might have been from a thorn or cut on his foot but I quickly figured out that it was bumblefoot. I hadn’t really ever dealt with bumblefoot before, but I was determined to treat it. First I started out by soaking the foot which consisted of using a bucket and lid as well as epsom salts and some essential oils. The essential oils I used were Melrose and Copaiba, they both work well for inflammation and melrose helps give it a barrier of protection.

After that, I dried off his feet and put on some self-adhesive wrap on his foot. [Ps You can also put on Hen Healer which works well for bumble foot and other wounds] After that I continued the treatment and by the end of the week, his foot had cleared up completely.

I put the chicken in here for 15 to 30 minutes, making sure the lid has a hole in the top for the chicken to breath.

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