We Need To Be Praying

It is a strange thing indeed to see conservative evangelical Christians aligning themselves with the liberal media and leftist hacks. I never thought I would see the day.

Oh I understand all the arguments and vote-your-conscience pleas, but what I do not understand is the arrogance, judgmentalism, anger and self-righteous tongue-wagging that I have witnessed in the last few days. I hear out of the mouths of liberal reporters (who make no effort to hide their bias), all of a sudden this “concern” they have of a mother of 5 children, one of whom has Down’s Syndrome, and one who is pregnant out of wedlock…how can she possibly have a role in government and mother her children at the same time? What is she doing and who does she think she is and isn’t John McCain a fool for asking her?

And then many anti-feminists are condemning this woman and pointing fingers at her failures as a mother (you know, the pregnant daughter and trying to go to work after giving birth just three days prior, and “she’s not tending the hearth at her home”…) I tell you it feels like the crowd is gathering around and the stone piles are getting higher…and pretty soon the pelting will begin. Or maybe we will just burn her at stake.

I say all of this because this is what I see plain as day. I am disgusted. I looked today at the Constitutional Party website and Ron Paul’s too, to see what the hype is over these people whom so many godly people have flocked to. The Constitutional Party platform is not all that different from the Republican Platform. They claim to be Federalists, but so is John McCain. Ron Paul has some good economic ideas, but he is not that far off from his own party’s platform, either, except that he is clearly a Protectionist, which would be fine if the world weren’t so dangerous. That is kind of like saying it was better before women could vote, which maybe it was, but it is never going back to that, so the godly women had better vote. People are still mad about the Iraq war, and the liberal media feeds that anger, and buddy, it sure works. Let me tell you something. The war has stirred up a spiritual hornet’s nest, but it had to happen. It had to happen because God ordained that it had to happen. Nobody likes it, especially the military families that are making the sacrifices. I am sure the children of Israel didn’t like it when they were involved in so many wars because they are expensive and people die. But I am telling you God has a purpose in it. Do not forget that. And do not fall for the bait when people demonize George W. Bush. He was the ruler that God used, like it or not.

If you had the most perfect President imaginable – just make a list of attributes and ideology and perhaps color in his family and his theological doctrine, you would still have one huge, major problem. Congress. If Ron Paul or Mr. Baldwin were President, they would still have to deal with Congress. And with the liberal majority in Congress, they would not get very far. It would have to be the Republicans doing the fighting, because they have the same values and ideals. Most Democrats do not, excepting a few individuals. Perhaps they would be able to get Roe v. Wade overturned, but then, so could McCain and even more so perhaps with Palin on the ticket because of her raising national awareness. So this notion that Ron or Mr. Baldwin could solve all of your problems and secure God’s blessing on this country better than McCain is probably not sound from a political standpoint. The only way to change Congress is for the people of this country to put so much pressure on them that they force issues to be dealt with. But we are a lazy people. We talk the talk but don’t walk the walk and that is evident when you look at our government. And there are lots of people in this nation who don’t want anything to do with Christianity and don’t want people telling them how to live. They believe in their Constitutional right to worship or not worship as they please. And don’t even start telling them how women are supposed to live, because they don’t want to hear it. The only way you can reach them with any legitimacy is to live the way Christ calls you to live. Try modeling true womanhood instead of preaching about it. You don’t have to tell the world that you are against feminism, just live it. Demostrate there is a better way and do it with the love of Christ.

We need to be praying. If you are not specifically praying for Yahweh’s perfect will to be done, the Enemy might just sneak in and snatch the victory. The Enemy is already stirring people up to bite and devour one another and to quibble over foolish controversies and get totally distracted. I am begging for you all to pray. Get down on your knees and pray if only one minute. Pray for our sister in Christ, Sarah Palin. Even if you don’t like her or don’t think she is biblically qualified to serve in government, pray for her and her family, because of the love of Christ. Stop tearing her down. If God does not want her in office, be assured she won’t get there. But if He does, we need to pray for her and this nation and wake up and get serious about our responsibilities in a modern day federal republic.

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