Garden Greens

Posted By Farm Girls on October 30, 2011

After trying different spots for a vegetable garden. We decided to go back to the old spot, the spot in which we had the blueberries for awhile(they didn’t work out, we want to try again with a more southern type).  We double dug the beds, which seems to have help greatly.  It’s doing better (so far) then any other garden we have done in the past.  The tomato horn worms haven’t been a huge problem, but still get in the way.  having the the well water close by helps out a lot, in case of draughts.  We have had a fun time picking the vegetables, and the strawberries we get.  The strawberries produce well for being planted a few months ago.  We hope to make the strawberry patch bigger.  We should get a good bit of beans in just a few days.  We are all excited about how the garden is doing. What we have so far been getting from the garden are Zucchini, Cucumbers, Peppers, Lettuce, and strawberries.  The tomatoes are not yet ripe, we got one batch of  spinach right before it got too hot, and it tasted so good we all loved it (even Ben who is not to fond of spinach was asking for more).

The Garden

The Garden

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  1. Kiera says:


    Well, you probably won’t remember me, Mary, but this is Kiera, aka Paws And Claws, from HSB.
    My blog was down, I just got it back up today. I hope to talk to you soon!

    And hello to you, Abigail !

    I love your chickens!


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